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We represent as impresarios only the gifted and talented artists, we represent them only if we believe in their talent, in their values, in their character. We represent only the artists that we respect.

As a specific offer, we can organise the events with the artists we represent and we promote.

We represent the most distinguished artists, ensembles and institutions. As artists managers, we can engage in the discovery, career and development of the young generation of artists and musicians. As artist managers and impresarios, we supervise the careers of conductors, instrumentalists, opera singers, composers, chamber, vocal and instrumental ensembles, jazz, world music. We can organise internal and international tours for the artists we represent.

We share a passion for artistic excellence for both the established and up-and-coming artists. We base on the quality, the respect, the nobility and the aristocracy of the elevated spirit for all our artistic goals and actions.

We communicate and represent the artists without compromises, as we only believe in the art without compromises.