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The printed press was our first Love, but we are following the new wave of the online media.

Our services:

  • Text construct & Storytelling (interviews, biographies writing)
  • Customer editing & publishing
  • Content on demand
  • Blogging
  • Media consultance

The site is our project illustrating the professionalism of our tream in media. We have been dealing with media as journalists for 15 years, having much experience in writing, editing, coordinating printed media and online products.

We want to open minds about Art&Spirit, to send people to cultural events, to present literature, books, films, theatre plays, art exhibitions, children's events, spirituality. We also emphasize on psychological trends and writings, we aim at popularizing them.

We have a specific interest in children's events, we have created some sections in our projects which are dedicated to JuniWorld.

We have also started POPKON!, an intercultural and niche project dedicated to the amazing 'Korean Wave', the present highlight in the Asian entertainment. We are open to all the international cultural trends and events concerning Culturalife/Art&Spirit.

We can make your dreams come true, just join us!